Peggy Roth Major has shown her photographs in many local and national arts festivals and exhibits over the years and received numerous awards including Best of Show, Awards of Excellence and Blue Ribbons. She has a B.S. in Art and is currently a member of the North River Arts Society, the Duxbury Art Association, the Center for Fine Art Photography and a gallery artist at the South Shore Art Association. Welcome to the world as she sees it!


I recognize that one of the responsibilities I have as an artist is to bring awareness to the delicate balance between the natural environment and our often un-natural world. The two co-mingle and clash; enriching and limiting that which is, and that which can no longer be. When we are diligent enough to comprehend the conflict and compatibility in these interdependent aspects of life, we can better recognize that our natural world is a unique gift to be treasured, respected and protected.

I aim to successfully communicate the universal rhythm of nature as well as its interconnections with man-made forms. The beauty and tension I express in the endless perspectives and fleeting moments of my images is accessible because I see with both my eyes and soul combined. My vision is inspired by what is essential and is then preserved forever, or until nature reclaims it back to the Earth. The late poet and artist William Blake eloquently described this by writing- "To see the world in a grain of sand
Heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."
Other great artists including Georgia O'Keefe, Edward Weston and Walt Whitman have all expressed a deep connection to nature in thier art, and influence my work on many levels.

For me, the camera offers the opportunity to preserve a moment that is often overlooked so that it is embedded in the eternal motion of life. When I successfully communicate the world as I see it, hopefully it will awaken in you a desire to tread more gently on this delicate Earth. If I can influence even one person to take a closer look at the diversity of life, all of which depends on our respect for its survival, I will perhaps have served as a catalyst for others to also become aware, and in turn to be part of the dynamic process of truly making a difference. This is my greatest inspiration.

I donate10% of all sales of my work sold on my web site to environmental non-profit organizations to further make a difference. Hopefully you will inspired to buy my work and tread softly!

Visit the Contacts & Links Page for charity links & simply note when ordering which charity you want me to donate to.

I work in natural light using digital SLR cameras and currently reside on the South Shore of Massachusetts.